Binance CEO does not think LUNA recovery plan will work

2022-05-14 Binance CEO, CZ, has revealed that he does not believe that Do Kwon’s plan to save LUNA will work. Do Kwon announced a proposal to fork LUNA to a new version in order to save the ecosystem on May 13. CZ announced, “This won’t work. – forking does not give the new fork any […]

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin State Of Mind

2022-05-11 Imagine Tupac Shakur (also known professionally as 2Pac) coming back to discover modern rap music. At the very least, he would have some questions, “What the fuck is ‘mumble’ rap?” Not that 2Pac invented rap, but he’s certainly a contender for the greatest rapper of all time, so assuming he would have input is […]

Future Of Energy Markets Bitcoin Miners

2022-05-06 Most of the conversations about Bitcoin infrastructure for the past two years have focused on the mining sector’s increasing convergence with traditional energy generators and power companies. At the Bitcoin 2022 conference, a panel hosted by this author discussed this trend and what mining’s continued growth means for electric grids and energy markets. Beyond […]

Institutional Investors Exit Market As Crypto Declines, New Report Reveals

2022-05-04 Following the failure of the crypto market to return to its former glory, institutional investors are fleeing in droves. The market has seen a large outflow of institutional cash in recent weeks, according to multiple sources. Coinshares made the figure surrounding the conversation available a few days ago in a recent update. Investors Leave […]

Warren Buffett gives his most expansive explanation for why he doesn’t believe in bitcoin

2022-04-30 Bitcoin has steadily been gaining acceptance from the traditional finance and investment world in recent years but Warren Buffett is sticking to his skeptical stance on bitcoin. He said at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder meeting Saturday that it’s not a productive asset and it doesn’t produce anything tangible. Despite a shift in public […]

4 best cloud mining sites in 2022

2022-04-27 1 – Hashlists Hashlists represents one of the best cloud mining solutions on the global scene, and it has started to reserve a place among professionals in the recent period, and experts expect it in the coming period for more prosperity and global spread. Hashlists was created and legally licensed in England (London) a […]

Can saving trees really turn bitcoin green? – TechCrunch

2022-04-22 Bitso, a Mexico City-based crypto exchange, is pledging to buy carbon offsets for every bitcoin transaction on its platform to compensate for the cryptocurrency’s environmental toll. It may sound great in theory, but the idea also deserves a heaping dose of skepticism, given the sketchy reputation carbon offset efforts have earned over the years. […]

Binance restricts services in Russia following the EU’s latest sanctions

2022-04-21 The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance is set to restrict services to Russian persons or entities with crypto assets exceeding the value of 10,000 euros ($10,885). Measures imposed by the European Union’s fifth round of sanctions against Russia mandate that Binance place restrictions on the use of its services by individuals […]

Why Bitcoin could be poised to fall further

2022-04-20 Under tightening monetary pressures from central banks, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is trading like “an overpriced tech stock,” as one analyst noted. That could potentially mean poor performance for the next few months. Bitcoin began trading this week above $40,400 Sunday before its correction early Monday morning where it slipped below $39,000 during Asian trading hours. […]