StarkWare Says It Will Launch Layer 3 on Ethereum

2021-12-21 11:27:20 Key Takeaways StarkWare has announced planned Layer 3 blockchains to expand its infrastructure scalability. The team said StarkEx, which powers dYdX and Immutable, will be ported to Layer 3. StarkWare’s Layer 3s including StarkEx will operate on its primary Layer 2, StarkNet. Share this article StarkWare, a firm aiming to scale Ethereum using […]

Unicef ​​celebrates its anniversary with a collection of NFTs on Ethereum – CVBJ

2021-12-11 12:53:12 Unicef, as the United Nations Children’s Fund is popularly known, is preparing a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) to celebrate its 75th anniversary. This was announced by the organization itself this Friday, December 10 through a note of press. In total, there will be about a thousand pieces for sale on the Ethereum […]

Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin discusses storage requirements, significance of PBS

2021-11-23 14:31:18 As Ethereum grows, so does its history – and the hard disk requirements for validators, whose wallets are hurting. During a Reddit AMA, Ethereum users spoke about dealing with past chain data and discussed ways to scale Ethereum L1. Meanwhile, founder Vitalik Buterin also added his take. Time to rewrite history? Buterin put […]

Bitcoin and ethereum drive ETC Group’s AUM above $2bn | ETF Strategy

2021-11-10 14:18:57 ETC Group has surpassed $2 billion in assets under management courtesy of investor net inflows and strong market performance related to the firm’s bitcoin and ethereum exchange-traded products. The price of bitcoin and ethereum have surged recently amid a wider rally in the crypto asset market. The specialist crypto ETP provider currently offers […]

What to know about Ethereum Altair upgrade and proof of stake

2021-10-28 10:42:49 Altair, an important upgrade to the Ethereum network, went live on Wednesday. Its immediate impact might only be noticeable to validators, or those who verify transactions on Ethereum. But Altair is one of the pivotal upgrades for Ethereum 2.0, or Eth2, and investors should be aware. Eth2 will change the Ethereum infrastructure, ultimately […]

How much did the Ethereum ecosystem lose to crypto-hacks in Q3

2021-10-28 11:01:14 While the crypto-sector has seen exponential growth over the last few years, blockchain-related cyber crimes have also hiked. Cyber security issues and exploitation by hackers have been a major concern across the globe, and the rising frequency of it only adds fuel to the fire. A recent report compiled by Atlas VPN found […]