7 Technologies for Fighting Climate Change

Advances in a number of climate technologies are moving humanity toward a cleaner, more prosperous future. Photo via Getty A June heatwave in Texas demonstrated how climate-forward technology kicks into gear during a weather emergency. As temperatures exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit in several cities, air conditioner usage helped push electricity demand to new records. At […]

Europe’s mining quest faces a hurdle: angry locals

She is among local activists in Portugal and elsewhere whose determination to halt mine developments – via protests, legal challenges or simply refusing to sell or rent the land needed – threatens to slow the European Union’s green transition. Their opposition could also frustrate plans for the EU to reduce its dependence on China by […]

Europe’s mining quest faces a hurdle: angry locals – EURACTIV.com

In Portugal’s northern Barroso region, Maria Loureiro weeps at the prospect of losing her family’s land to a mine that could become one of Europe’s biggest producers of lithium, used in electric vehicle batteries and other clean technologies. “I don’t want them to take away what has been left to me by my parents and […]

Mahle’s EV motor eliminates need for magnets

2023-09-14 10:52:22 DETROIT — German parts supplier Mahle says it has developed a new technology for electric vehicle motors that can operate at high power and maximum efficiency without the need for magnets and the rare earth elements they require. Mahle’s motor technology kit, which the company calls a “perfect motor,” combines its Superior Continuous […]

Are China’s Export Restrictions A Blessing In Disguise For The U.S.?

Seeing its first significant rise in over eight months, the Rare Earths MMI welcomed a boost of 6.84% month-over-month. Indeed, Chinese production of rare earths and rare earth magnets finally appears on the rise. It’s also possible that Chinese stimulus efforts impacted prices month-on-month. Neodymium, for instance, began a rally in mid-August before slowing down […]

A dormant Illinois volcano has rare earth metals. Scientists want to know why

Millions of years ago, there was a near volcanic eruption in southern Illinois. “It did not actually erupt lava onto the surface,” said Southern Illinois University geologist Daniel Hummer. “The magma got really close to the surface. It sort of punched those topmost layers of rock upwards to form the dome.” The now-dormant volcano is […]

A Potential Solution for Clean Energy Storage

A promising solution for clean energy storage has emerged through the development of two ancient materials: concrete and graphite. With the increasing importance of storing clean energy alongside its generation, researchers have been exploring alternative materials that can replace the reliance on rare earth metals such as lithium, which present environmental and ethical challenges in […]

Why China and India disagree on green mineral supply chains | News | Eco-Business

2023-08-02 22:04:34 “There has been a building of coalitions and movements around the world on critical minerals to try and reduce China’s hegemony,” said one of the sources. “Through this G20 meeting India attempted to draw attention to this – and try and figure out ways through which supply chain disruptions can be reduced.” The […]

New EV motor said to cut need for rare-earth neodymium magnets

Japanese metal maker Proterial has developed a prototype motor for electric vehicles that uses magnets that do not contain the rare-earth metal neodymium. Neodymium magnets are the most common type currently employed in EV motors, but since the main source of the rare earth is China, stable procurement has been an issue. The new magnet […]

Imperial College Launches Centre for Sustainable Materials

New $150 million research centre at Imperial College London will develop sustainable routes to materials for a green future. The Rio Tinto Centre for Future Materials at Imperial College London will transform current mineral extraction approaches to support the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The new centre will be led by Imperial […]

Neodymium – master magnet material

We move forward in our study of the lanthanide elements or rare-earths as they are sometime called with our discussion of the metal neodymium. This, you may know, is a material that is essential to electric car manufacturers because when blended with iron, it is used to make the strongest magnets in the world. Neodymium […]

China Northern Rare Earth, Chinalco Rare Earth & Metal, Golden Dragon Rare-Earth, China Minmetals Rare Earth – University City Review

MarketQuest.biz has released a new report named Ceria Market that brings an analysis of the market based on type, applications, and research regions. The report provides an exhaustive calculation of the market, taking into consideration topics such as industry news analysis, industry chain structure. For proper understanding, the report offers a market definition, market characteristics, […]

Rare Earth Metals Market Report Explored in Latest Research to 2030

2023-08-01 03:16:39 The Latest Report, titled “Rare Earth Metals Market” Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2030, by Coherent Market Insights offers a comprehensive analysis of the industry, which comprises insights on the market analysis. The report also includes competitor and regional analysis, and contemporary advancements in the global market. The Rare […]

A circular economy for rare-earth elements: How could it work?

Rare-earth elements (REEs) are found in smartphones, camera lenses, plasma screens, hard drives and even artificial joints. They play an essential role in the production of clean energy and thus in climate protection, for example as a component of energy-saving light bulbs, solar cells, wind turbines or electric motors. On the world market, the battle […]

The unintended consequences of nationalism

Today’s Bloomberg has two stories that illustrate the unintended consequences of increasing nationalism in US policymaking.  Both relate to the chip industry, but look at different aspects of the problem. During the Trump administration, the US cracked down on the immigration of skilled STEM workers from overseas.  Here’s one consequence of that decision: Taiwan Semiconductor […]

West Cobar Metals reports ‘excellent’ recoveries from testing of Salazar rare earth samples

Junior explorer West Cobar Metals (ASX: WC1) has reported the achievement of “excellent” rare earth recoveries from a metallurgical program using samples from the Salazar clay rare earth element project near Esperance in Western Australia. The program was conducted with Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to determine the baseline leachability of rare earth […]

Marula Mining shakes up board as copper assay results delayed

(Alliance News) – Marula Mining PLC on Monday announced several board changes including a new chair, extended expiry terms of 2.9 million share warrants, and said assay results at its Kinusi project are delayed due to testing irregularities. The London-based, Africa-focused battery and rare earth minerals mining company said the delayed asset results pertain to […]

Yellen calls for communication in talks with China Vice Premier He

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called Saturday for close communication between the world’s two largest economies amid their intensifying rivalry as she met with China’s Vice Premier He Lifeng in Beijing, the Treasury Department said. “Amid a complicated global economic outlook, there is a pressing need for the two largest economies to closely communicate and […]

The world is big enough for US and China, Yellen says to conclude Beijing trip : NPR

BEIJING — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Sunday said she agreed Washington will listen to Chinese complaints about security-related curbs on U.S. technology exports and might “respond to unintended consequences” as she ended a visit to Beijing aimed at reviving strained relations. Yellen defended “targeted measures” on trade that China’s leaders complain are aimed at […]

Debunking Deep Sea Mining Myths

An often overlooked element of our global energy transition is that all low-carbon energy technologies need a range of minerals and metals that can only be sourced through mining. Some of these — cobalt, copper, manganese and nickel — are found in large quantities deep in international waters in the Pacific Ocean. Commercial deep sea […]

Global Giants Lock Horns Over Rare Earth Resources

The Rare Earths MMI (Monthly Metals Index) saw little change month-on-month. Overall, the index continued its sideways trend, dropping a slight 2.5%. Rare earth carbonate saw the largest price shift between June 1 and July 1, dipping  10.59%. Still, as a whole, the index continues to trend in stark difference to the sharp price drops […]

Aruma Resources spots potential for rare earth elements and cobalt-copper at Saltwater Project

Aruma Resources Ltd (ASX:AAJ) has uncovered significant rare earth elements (REE) and cobalt-copper enriched rocks during surface sampling at the Saltwater Project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The mineral exploration company recently conducted a six-day field reconnaissance program at Saltwater to collect samples from radiometric, geophysical and structural targets, part of a planned systemic […]

Explained | What is deep sea mining and what are the concerns related to the industry?

The story so far: The two-year deadline for the International Seabed Authority (ISA) to finalise deep-sea mining rules, set in 2021, has ended. The ISA started global talks in Jamaica on Monday in what experts believe can essentially lead to the advancement of this controversial industry. What is deep sea mining? According to the International […]

Freeland’s ‘patience is wearing pretty thin’ with Vancouver port strike

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland drove from Winnipeg to the solution potash mine near Belle Plain on Tuesday to talk about the economy and the need to shore up domestic production of potash and critical minerals. Distroscale But Freeland, also Minister of Finance, had stern words for the 7,400 members of the International Longshore and […]

A Greener Future for Technology

The Environmental Impact of Open Source Software: A Greener Future for Technology The world is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of human activities, and the technology sector is no exception. As the global demand for technology continues to grow, so does the need for sustainable solutions that minimize the environmental footprint of the […]

3D Pattern Generation via Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ceramic Eutectic System for Novel Solid-State Phosphors

The eutectic structure of metals and ceramics occurs when multiple solid phases solidify from a liquid phase, forming a three-dimensional (3D) pattern through a self-organizing phenomenon. Traditionally, it was believed that eutectic structures could only be obtained through a melt-solidification process. YNU researchers have developed a chemical vapor deposition technique for synthesizing ordered structures of […]

French minister to push 1 bln euro uranium deal on trip to Mongolia – sources

PARIS, June 28 (Reuters) – France’s Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna heads to Mongolia on Wednesday aiming to push a potentially 1 billion euro uranium deal for nuclear group Orano that Paris hopes can be concluded in the autumn, French diplomatic sources said on Wednesday. President Emmanuel Macron stopped off in Ulaanbaatar in May on his […]

The Rare Metal Keeping Xi and Biden Up At Night

The ground beneath Case Lake in northeastern Ontario houses a critical mineral that may form the heart of one of the most pressing North American security issues of the century.  The critical mineral is cesium (Cs), and its discovery and potential for development has become a battleground between Canada and the U.S. on one hand, […]

Revived California Mine Seeks to Transform Rare-Earth Industry

In arid southeastern California, just across the border from Nevada, sits the only large-scale rare-earth element mine in the Western Hemisphere. Here at Mountain Pass, rocks are dug out of a 600-foot pit in the ground, crushed, and liquified into a concentrated soup of metals that are essential for the magnets inside consumer electronics, wind […]

Supercomputers Unveil Earth’s Astonishing “Diamond Generator”

For billions of years, diamonds have been formed deep below the Earth’s crust, around 100 miles beneath the surface. Over time, these precious gems have made their way to the top through explosive eruptions known as kimberlite eruptions. The cause behind these eruptions, which bring heat from the Earth’s core, has long puzzled scientists. However, […]

10 Largest Rare Earth Companies in the World

In this detailed article, we’ll list the largest rare earth companies in the world and provide insights about their financial standing. If you want to skim through the detailed industry analysis and find out which companies are at the forefront of rare earth metals mining, read 5 Largest Rare Earth Companies In The World.  The […]

MSU scientists reach breakthrough in single-molecule magnet design

For the longest time, free radicals of chemical elements were thought of as extremely rare chemical species. Scientists believed that they exhibited uncontrollable behavior because of their high reactivity. Radicals are chemical systems containing an unpaired electron. That electron, because it’s not coupled to anything, zips around very quickly. Compared to neutral molecules, where atoms […]

Pioneering Off-World Mining Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities

Pioneering Off-World Mining Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities The concept of off-world mining, once a staple of science fiction, is rapidly becoming a reality as technological advancements and increasing interest from both private and governmental organizations propel us closer to extracting valuable resources from celestial bodies. The challenges and opportunities presented by pioneering off-world mining technologies […]

South Africa: Infrastructure Investment Critical for Success of AfCFTA

Deputy President Paul Mashatile says the success of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) depends on the investment in infrastructure in the areas of electricity generation, transportation, as well as freight and logistics distribution. “This is because Africa’s trade integration has been hampered for decades by the ageing infrastructure and too many regulations which […]

Effect of mineralogical variations on physico-mechanical and thermal properties of granitic rocks

Petrographic investigation The petrographic examination of Gabal El Faliq granitic rocks was performed using a polarizing microscope to identify their mineralogical constituntes and textural features to revels some significant attributes affected these rocks. Based on the mineralogical composition and the main textural relationship, Gabal El Faliq granitic rocks are divided into two major types: gneissose […]

Bacteria Breakthrough Could Simplify Rare Earth Element Processing

Penn State scientists have discovered a new mechanism by which bacteria can select between different rare earth elements. That is using the ability of a bacterial protein to bind to another unit of itself, or ‘dimerize,’ when it is bound to certain rare earths, but prefer to remain a single unit, or ‘monomer,’ when bound to others. […]

Enact laws to regulate rare earth exploits

2023-06-17 Headhunter: It’s time we demand a new law against the exploitation of rare earth before the floodgates are opened and another major environmental degradation takes place. Those cronies, politicians and their network of coterie, will be using the same old dirty tricks about “providing employment for the people” as an excuse to destroy the […]

Ground Breakers: Albemarle’s appetite for WA lithium shows no signs of being satisfied

2023-06-18 Albemarle returns to WA lithium fray with $30m deal with ASX junior Corporate activity continues to ramp up in WA’s battery metals sector Lynas eyes August start for Kalgoorlie plant production Maybe Albemarle needs to get on Ozempic, the wonder drug that kills your cravings and tightens your waistline. They’ve got an insatiable appetite […]

Cygnus Metals eyes lithium and rare earths in Canada and Australia

2023-06-14 It’s a long way from the dusty wheatbelt of WA to the forests of Canada but there is a small explorer with a plan to connect the two locations through a focus on energy transition, lithium in Canada and rare earths in WA. Cygnus Metals (ASX: CY5), which had an indifferent early life as […]

The Future of Energy: How Will Technology Transform Our Relationship with the Environment?

The world is facing a critical moment as the effects of climate change become increasingly severe and the need for sustainable energy sources becomes ever more pressing. The development of renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, and hydropower, has the potential to revolutionize our relationship with the environment and help mitigate the worst effects […]

China 15 years ahead, expert says – EURACTIV.com

China is strategically far better prepared when it comes to the Green transition and has an edge of at least 15 years when it comes to the mining and processing of critical raw materials that will fuel the net-zero industry, according to an expert. With the presentation of the Critical Raw Materials Act in March, […]

Coal waste could become domestic source for mineral industry | Life

Decades of industrial mining have left behind literal mountains of waste across the Commonwealth, Pisupati explained. Mine tailings, sludge ponds and acid mine drainage are an ongoing environmental concern. But locked inside those waste streams are significant quantities of rare earth elements and other critical minerals, he said. All we have to do is figure […]

Rare earths and the appeal of ionic clays

Overlooking Meteoric’s Caldeira rare earths project in Brazil. ARI shines a light on three ASX-listed rare earths explorers and highlights the emergence of the ionic clay-hosted rare earths deposit. While China has long dominated the world’s rare earths production, processing and manufacturing of rare earths magnets, the market is changing and other countries are putting […]

Hastings signs rare earths offtake with Canada’s Neo Performance

The non-binding agreement will enable a binding offtake agreement between the two parties. Credit: Joaquin Corbalan P/Shutterstock.com. Canadian industrial materials company Neo Performance Materials (Neo) and Australian mining company Hastings Technology Metals have signed a non-binding agreement, marking a step towards a potential strategic partnership for an integrated mine-to-magnet rare earth supply chain. The agreement […]

How Off-World Mining Technologies are Fueling Competition

The race for space resources is heating up as nations and private companies alike look to the stars for the next frontier of resource extraction. With dwindling reserves of essential minerals and metals on Earth, the push for off-world mining technologies has become a critical component of future economic growth and sustainability. As countries and […]

Material Matters: China; Coal; Iron Ore; Lithium & Rare Earths

China stimulus a boost for commodities; tough September quarter ahead for thermal coal; iron ore shipments increasing; lithium and rare earth prices rebounding. -Chinese stimulus to boost recovery -Lower gas prices to weigh further on thermal coal -Australian iron ore shipments on the increase -China EV sales boosting battery mineral demand By Greg Peel China […]

Japan’s economic security awakening – EURACTIV.com

2023-06-14 00:13:04 As the EU Commission is preparing its own economic security strategy, Japan has started to implement its own economic security policies, walking the increasingly tense tightrope between China and the US. During last month’s G7 summit in Hiroshima, economic security was high up on the agenda, with Europeans, Japan, the US, and Canada […]

Colleen Doherty Wins Fulbright Award to Study Phytomining in England

2023-06-14 Outside the walled city of York in the northeast corner of England, amidst the open moorland and undulating crags, rain drops fall with abandon on the red brick parapets of the University of York. Within those hallowed halls, Colleen Doherty, assistant professor in the Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, will conduct research as […]

China and Rare Earths: Risks to Supply Chain Resilience in Europe

2023-05-31 This analysis argues that the EU and NATO’s efforts to strengthen supply chain resilience in critical raw materials are vulnerable to the People’s Republic of China’s leverage on key industry actors. It studies the case of the planned expansion of Silmet, Europe’s only rare earths processing plant, as well as the entities that control […]

Rich Rare Earth Elements Deposit Found in Americas

2023-05-31 One of the reasons the Aericas doesn’t have an established supply of rare earth elements (REEs) – metals and minerals widely used in the electronics, clean energy, aerospace, automotive and defense industries – is, until recently, nobody was really looking for them. But as interest in clean energy and electric vehicles has intensified across […]

Hastings’ new-look rare earths mine

2023-05-31 Hastings Technology Metals is changing its strategy as it develops one of the world’s most advanced rare earths projects. The company will explore a development pathway involving two stages. Stage 1 will see Hastings build the Yangibana mine and beneficiation plant in the Gascoyne region of WA to produce 37,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) […]

The Critical Raw Materials Act removes the EU’s dependence on imports

2023-06-01 03:15:43 Dr Evi Petavratzi and Eimear Deady from the British Geological Survey discuss the Critical Raw Materials Act and Europe’s future supply chains for critical raw materials. As the energy transition ramps up and demand for metals used to power batteries accelerates, the need for critical minerals and metals is more pressing than ever. In […]

Defense Metals secures $9.17m to advance Wicheeda REE project

Defense Metals closed a private placement announced last month. Credit: Joaquin Corbalan  Discovery Group subsidiary Defense Metals has completed a C$12.5m ($9.17m) private placement to develop its Wicheeda rare earth elements (REE) project in Canada. This included the placement of 22.3 million shares by the company at C$0.26 apiece. There was also a concurrent placement […]

Pentagon to secure Australian minerals in green deal

A new green energy agreement with the United States is set to allow the Pentagon to fund projects in Australia to extract minerals deemed vital to the US military. The deal, signed by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and United States President Joe Biden in Hiroshima last Saturday, goes by an unwieldy title – the Australia-United […]

SRC manufactures solvent extraction cells for rare earth processing

2023-05-26 07:33:07 SRC has opened a fabrication facility in Saskatoon to manufacture the cells for the under construction rare earth processing facility. Credit: Saskatchewan Research Council. The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) has achieved a milestone by designing and manufacturing Canada’s first proprietary solvent extraction cell technology for the processing of rare earth elements (REEs). The […]

Te Ipukarea Society: Some concerning aspects around deep sea mining

Deep sea manganese nodules found in the Cook Islands Photo: EEZ. SEABED MINERALS AUTHORITY/20092117 Proponents of mining our deep ocean seafloor justify the need for this hugely destructive process, largely by claims that the minerals from the deep are needed for batteries for electric vehicles. The theory being that we will stop burning fossil fuels […]

Construction of €100-million Narva magnet factory starts this summer | News

The factory will be operated by NPM Silmet, and construction is being carried out by Silmet’s parent company, Neo Performance Materials. The magnets will have industrial applications, such as in the manufacture of electric cars and of wind turbines. The construction will take place in phases; the first of these is due to be finished […]

Richard Mine AMD plant will include rare earth element extraction project

May 28—MORGANTOWN — Work on the Richard Mine acid mine drainage treatment plant continues to forge ahead, with a new addition enabled by research at WVU. Right now, the most prominent feature for passers-by on W.Va. 7 is the lime storage silo that towers above the site. We took a tour of the site on […]

US tech war against China is unwarranted and self-destructive

UNDER pressure to clarify its economic and security policies toward China, the Biden administration recently dispatched two top emissaries to “explain” that the US does not seek to decouple from China (which it effectively seems to be doing). However, both Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan left unanswered how Washington plans […]

Grade can be king, scale always queen: CEO

In mining, it’s often said that grade is king, but there’s another factor that can be key to making the right moves, says the boss of American Rare Earths. Perhaps more important than grade are the economics presented by efficiencies of economies of scale, as no process is 100 per cent efficient. For starters, every […]

Why the world is turning to Greenland’s rare earth metals

2023-05-12 03:44:35 As the demand for rare earth metals continues to rise globally, exploration efforts have intensified in Greenland, a country with a vast supply and an ideal climate to mine these commodities. Greenland has become a focal point for this type of resource extraction. Rare earth metals are essential components of many technological products, […]

A Guide to the Rare Earths Market

2023-05-12 The rare earth elements (REE) comprise a group of seventeen metallic elements, including the fifteen lanthanides present in the periodic table, along with scandium and yttrium. Traditionally, these REEs are categorised into two groups based on their atomic weight: The light REEs (LREEs), encompassing lanthanum through gadolinium (atomic numbers 57 through 64). The heavy […]

Metallic Clusters With Unique Properties for Advanced Technology

2023-05-14 A multi-institute research team synthesized a family of nano-wheel-like metallic clusters, each with specific properties — such as fluorescence and different types of magnetism — that could advance next-generation technologies. Credit: Polyoxometalates, Tsinghua University Press Researchers in China have developed nano-wheels, a new family of metallic compounds with unique properties for use in advanced […]

Resources and REITs deliver strong gains: ASX closes 0.09% higher

2023-05-15 At he closing bell, the S&P/ASX 200 was 0.09 per cent or 6.1997 points higher at 7,262.90. The rise was primarily driven by the performance of the real estate and resources sectors. However, a couple of companies experienced notable declines. Elders (ASX:ELD) witnessed a sharp drop of 13.2 per cent to $7.20 after reporting […]

Last Time This Happened Rare Earths Elements Soared 2,000+%

2023-05-10 Chris’ note: My mission at the Cut is to help you find moneymaking opportunities… no matter what kind of market we’re in. That’s why, today, I’m featuring another insight from colleague Nomi Prins. Nomi is a best-selling author, financial journalist, and former global investment banker. And 20 years ago, she quit a seven-figure job […]

Cyclic Materials inks $27-million funding deal with BMW i Ventures

2023-05-10 The Kingston Ont.-based rare earth elements recycler will use the funding to scale up its capacity, creating a hub-and-spoke network for commercial operations Cyclic Materials, a Kingston, Ont.-based advanced metals recycling startup, has raised $27 million in series A funding to begin commercialization of its plans to create a circular supply chain for rare earth […]

Carbonatite-hosted REE mineralisation in South Australia

2023-05-11 ASX-listed Olympio Metals Limited is a diversified critical mineral explorer, with a strong focus on carbonatite-hosted REE mineralisation. Here, the company tells us more. Olympio Metals Ltd (Olympio) has secured a significant proportion of the Walloway-Eurelia carbonatite-kimberlite field in South Australia, which is highly prospective for rare earth elements (REE) and niobium (Nb) (Fig. […]

VR Resources Ltd strengthens three key teams as drilling kicks off in Ontario

2023-05-11 VR Resources Ltd (TSX-V:VRR, OTCQB:VRRCF) is beefing up its board of directors, along with its management and technical team, the company announced. “The expansion and strengthening of VR across our board, management and technical teams conveys our conviction, and commitment to execution on three separate properties and opportunities this year,” CEO Michael Gunning said […]

China Poured Nearly $2 Billion Into Its Own Semiconductor Industry Last Year

2023-05-08 The Chinese government is looking to take the teeth out of the United States’ technological sanctions by using one of the oldest tricks in the book: throwing money at the problem. According to a report from the South China Morning Post, as covered by DigiTimes, the Chinese government poured CNY12.1 billion (US$1.75 billion) in […]

Borrello points to irony of fossil fuel use to manufacture ‘green’ infrastructure | News

2023-05-09 ALBANY — State Sen. George Borrello has introduced legislation that would prohibit the use of fossil fuels in the manufacture or distribution of renewable energy equipment or infrastructure. The senator, R-Sunset Bay, sought to highlight what he called the “inherent environmental and ethical conflict that results from using emission-producing energy sources to manufacture ‘green’ […]

Canadian North Resources Begins Trading on OTCQX Under the Symbol “CNRSF”

2023-05-10 Canadian North Resources Inc. (“the Company,” TSXV: CNRI; OTCQX: CNRSF; FSE: EO0 (E-O-zero)) is pleased to announce that the Company has qualified to trade on the OTCQX® Best Market and begins trading on OTCQX under the symbol “CNRSF”. U.S. investors can find current financial disclosure and Real-Time Level 2 quotes for the Company on […]

The 5 Latin American Countries With The Largest Oil Reserves

2023-05-06 16:00:00 Latin America is a region not normally associated with the global energy industry and oil production. It has, however, been blessed with considerable natural resources ranging from precious and base metals, rare earth metals crucial to the global energy transition, and fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Over the last […]

China to invest $10bn in Afghanistan’s lithium sector

2023-05-06 22:13:00 The recent offer by the China-based Gochin Company to invest USD 10 billion in Afghanistan’s lithium mining industry, which is valued at more than USD 1 trillion, appears to be part of a larger Chinese strategy to control the nation’s mineral resources, especially its lithium deposits, which are crucial to global mineral supply […]

One-third of annual exploration projects are for critical, strategic minerals: GSI

2023-05-07  Amid the buzz of the ‘green economy’, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) is intensifying its exploration exercises for critical minerals, like lithium, nickel, cobalt and rare earth elements, with “one-third” of such projects being dedicated to the search of these resources, a top official said on Sunday. These critical minerals are key to […]

Vietnam boosts rare earths output by tenfold – data

2023-05-07 Vietnam‘s mined output of rare earths soared tenfold last year, U.S. data showed, as global firms have flocked to the Southeast Asian country with the world’s second largest estimated deposits to reduce reliance on China for the key industrial metals. Past attempts to build up Vietnam‘s rare earth industry have stuttered due to falling prices […]

Understanding the EV smart energy management in the EV revolution

2023-05-08 McKinsey predicts that the 2020s will be the decade of EVs, with adoption rates projected to go from 5% to 50% of new-vehicle sales. The ascent of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought about a greater need for energy management for EVs, having sustainable and effective approaches to managing their energy utilization. Smart EV energy […]

Kazatomprom to Explore Solid Minerals in Aktobe Region

2023-05-04 ASTANA – Ulba Metallurgical Plant (UMP), a subsidiary of Kazatomprom national atomic company, received a license to explore solid minerals at the Verkhny Irgiz deposit in the Aktobe Region, the company announced on May 4. Photo credit: kazatomprom.kz. Click to see the map in full size. The map is designed by The Astana Times. […]

Exploring next door to established producers like BHP — TradingView News

2023-05-04 It’s very common for junior explorers to reduce exploration risks by establishing tenements next to known mineral belts and established producers – Imagine exploring for commodities next door to a project like Newcrest’s Cadia, Core Lithium’s Finniss or Oz Minerals’ Prominent Hill. This practice has been dubbed ‘Nearology’ by the market – the idea […]

India Can’t Afford to Lose Maldives Again – The Diplomat

2023-05-04 Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Maldives this week to strengthen bilateral defense cooperation came at a critical juncture, with the island country planning to hold general elections in September 2023. Singh’s trip was preceded by External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar’s visit in January, where he emphasized India and Maldives’ shared responsibility for […]

Report cautions Australian government against potential overmining

2023-05-05 Increased electrification requiring batteries has caused growth in critical mineral demand. (Photo by Roman Zaiets via Shutterstock) A report published by think tank Jubilee Australia has warned the government against overmining as demand for critical minerals increases. The research explores means of reducing demand for critical minerals, and mining them more sustainably. It comes […]

Rare Earth Metals See Prices Plunge

2023-05-03 The Rare Earths MMI (Monthly Metals Index) suffered yet another significant drop month-over-month. Overall, the index fell 15.81%. These massive drops in prices are the result of several factors. One of the biggest culprits is rising supply and falling demand. Prices for rare earth metals have also decreased due to new mining initiatives cropping […]

Cazaly Eyes Canadian Rare Earths as Next Value-Add

2023-05-04 Like its Australian Rules footballer namesake, Cazaly Resources (ASX: CAZ) has always flown high over the crowded pack of small-cap explorers with multiple value-adding deals since listing two decades ago. These days, Cazaly has tenements prospective for gold, copper, lithium, rare earth elements and other base metals. It is also entitled to iron ore […]

G20 Must Build On G7 Five-Point Plan For Critical Minerals – Analysis – Eurasia Review

2023-05-02 The G7, formed in 1975, is an intergovernmental political forum of seven member states of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union (EU). Historically, these countries are amongst the most influential ones, with significant political, economic, and military power. Japan assumed the G7 Presidency for 2023 and the 49th G7 Summit is scheduled to be held […]

GR Engineering books A$210 million EPC beneficiation plant order for Yangibana rare earths project

2023-05-03 GR Engineering Services says it has entered into a binding term sheet with Yangibana Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hastings Technology Metals Limited, for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the beneficiation plant and associated infrastructure for the Yangibana rare earths project in Western Australia. The project is approximately 250 km north […]

Newpath Consolidates and Outlines Field Activities for Largest Known Lithium Prospective Land Package in Ontario, Canada

2023-05-03 Newpath Resources Inc. (CSE: PATH) (FSE: 0MZ) (OTC PINK: RDYFF) (‘Newpath’ or the ‘Company’) is pleased to provide an overview of its property acquisition strategy, exploration initiatives, and corporate activities in 2023. Newpath’s recently consolidated Alpha/Bravo Project covers 66,597 Ha (approx. 666 sq. km) in northern Ontario (the ‘Project’). The Project is the largest […]