Cenovus CEO warns that oil demand could begin to decline at $150 per barrel.

Alex Pourbaix, CEO of Cenovus Energy Inc. percent decrease, is hoping that oil does not reach $200 per barrel. He believes that the fact that oil prices are currently hovering around $120 per barrel is bad enough for Canada’s energy sector. And if that price approaches $150, he believes demand will continue to fall. Mr. […]

Tobias Lutke Gains New Voting Rights on Shareholder Ballot – Shopify

Investors in Shopify Inc. have agreed to give Chief Executive Officer Tobi Lutke special voting rights, ensuring his influence at the e-commerce software business he established. Despite the recommendations of two famous advisory companies, shareholders approved a plan to create a “founder share” for Lutke. Under certain conditions, including his continued employment with the corporation, […]

3 shares for a stock market recovery

2022-06-06 The war in Ukraine, pandemic supply chain issues, and rising energy costs have all weighed heavily on share prices. In recent weeks, however, there have been some signs that there may be a stock market recovery in the near future with share prices rising simultaneously. Let’s take a closer look. Recovery stock #1: easyJet […]

How Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover may help change stock market rules

2022-05-30 “Any delay whatsoever creates a huge opportunity for abuse and insider trading,” said Healthy Markets Association executive director Ty Gellasch, a former SEC official. The Musk-focused debate is the latest example of how the billionaire has challenged the authority of the SEC in recent years, raising fundamental questions about whether regulators can rein in […]

The stock market took away their 401(k) millionaire status

2022-05-27 04:08:17 For an increasing number of employees, it has been like achieving titanium status in a loyalty program. They had joined an elite group of workers who had more than a million dollars in their workplace retirement plans. The number of 401(k) millionaires in the fourth quarter of 2021 jumped 32 percent compared to […]

What’s the Best Big Tech Company to Buy in This Stock Market Downturn?

2022-05-19 03:13:00 Many of the world’s biggest and most dominant companies are being sold off relentlessly. Given the current worries of a recession amid a rising interest rate environment, some of these fears are warranted. However, the market has outdone itself and has presented several fantastic values to investors, most notably in the big tech […]

5 Signs That May Mark A Stock Market Bottom

2022-05-20 The equity markets are in free fall, and everyone is searching for the bottom or signs that at least the bottom may be near. But to this point, some of those classic indicators have yet to show any signs of a capitulation occurring in markets, at least not yet. This could mean that while […]

The Fed may not bail the stock market out this time

2022-05-10 The Federal Reserve held its last policy meeting six days ago. But it feels like it’s been 60 days, given the unnerving shift in markets that’s taken place in the three trading sessions since then — a 7.2% drop in the S&P 500 that has left the index 17% below its early January high. […]

How to Invest, 3 Mistakes to Avoid in a Bear Market: Carson Group

2022-05-08 Stocks are plummeting as inflation surges, but a pair of leaders at Carson Group aren’t panicking. Bitcoin may one day be “obsolete” because of a feature that most believe is its greatest strength. Investors should keep a level head and avoid three common mistakes during the bear market. A recent stock market meltdown has […]

Be brave and buy the stock market dip

2022-05-05 That’s a good thing because there is usually an inverse correlation between the mood of investors and the future returns from stock market investments. Not always, because investors can get gloomy well before the market hits bottom, but often enough for sentiment to be a useful signal. The second measure to look at is […]