Private Placement Opportunity in Psychedelic Pharmacology

Savvy investors with a keen eye to inherent value and opportunity in the psychedelics healthcare sector should definitely focus their attention on this unique private placement.

AUVEGA is a privately-held R&D company that is offering an extensive portfolio range of integrated wellness assets that are complementing and driving the evolving and rapidly expanding psychedelics industry.

With “a mission to enhance the wellbeing of society”, Vancouver BC-based Auvega Labs is elevating the human experience through innovating standardized pathways to alternative pharmacological solutions that are proven to provide improved wellness outcomes, advancements in alternative medicine, supplements, lung health, and psychedelic pharmacology.

According to the company, organic super mushrooms are well-known for supporting stress management, cognitive health, immunity, and energy. Auvega Labs’ 100% organic, nutrient-rich mushrooms retain vital bioenergetic vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, adaptogens, and phytonutrients.

Planned Projects

Phase 1:

  • Establish a profitable portfolio of cashflow-producing integrated wellness assets.
  • These assets are internally developed – Auvega is looking to acquire new businesses to grow its portfolio.
  • Continued M&A activity in conjunction with current operating assets will fund Auvega’s Phase 2 strategy.

Phase 2:

  • Self-funded through its Phase 1 efforts, Auvega has assembled a scientific advisory board focused on the production of novel psychedelic compounds, delivery mechanisms, and therapies.
  • Auvega’s scientific advisory board is currently engaging leading universities and research teams to establish a cohesive R&D strategy.

Here’s the Deal:

For early-stage investors, Auvega Labs not only brings a lot to the table, but the company has also stepped up to the table. Few privately-help companies in this space can offer the diversified suite of innovative products and leading-edge R&D under one umbrella at such an attractive valuation* (see “INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS” below).

The Company intends to raise aggregate gross proceeds of up to CDN$500,000 through the issuance of 5,000,000 Units at $0.10 per Unit. (Each Unit Consists of 1 Share + 1 Warrant at a duration of 24 months). Minimum subscription amount is CDN$1,000.

The proceeds will be used for acquisition capital and general working capital purposes.

For experienced retail investors, this deal equates to a “ground floor” opportunity in terms of pricing with very strong collateral worth visa vis the multiples of total shares and warrants offered.


  • Extensive experience driving acquisition, development, formulation, and manufacturing.
  • Wellness assets that are complementary to the evolving psychedelic industry.
  • Building an innovative, standardized, and quality-controlled organic super mushroom cultivation facility.

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Private Placement Opportunity in Psychedelic Pharmacology 1

More information:

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