Hi, Tony. How are you, sir?

Cold this morning. Time to go to Mexico.

So let me ask you a little bit about “Gold Rush” Season 12. For this season, you’re reopening the Indian River claim. What factors led you to target that land for the optimal gold mining this time around?

In that claim? We haven’t been.

So you don’t feel like it’s the spot to be in?

We didn’t have a license on the property. So we’re over on Paradise Hill for the last few years.

Is that where you focused your efforts for Season 12?

Paradise Hill season?

Season 12. It’s upcoming.

So we’re just finishing the season. Yeah. This year, right, yeah, yeah, next year when the season … well, we spent it on Paradise.

How did it go out there on Paradise Hill?

Pretty good this year, like usual. A couple thousand a year. So yeah, we set a goal this year, not very positive but around there, so yeah, it was good. We’ve been here for 20,30 years. And always, always, it’s good.

What does your crew look like — who are you working with out there?

Well, we’ve got 40 employees, maybe, because it’s the end of the season. We must have 15 girls on, the rest are boys.

What was different about the gold goals you set for yourself, for your efforts this season?

Well we got to go over Indian River, but that didn’t work out, so we just did it because we didn’t get the selections on the property.

Had you expected that license would be easier to obtain than it was?

Not that hard on us usually, not that hard. We’ve been here so long that it’s pretty predictable.


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