Canada Mulls $7 Million Fine for Illegal Bitcoin-Mining Power Plant

2021-10-07 08:02:13

Setting up a Bitcoin mining operation inside a power plant has become something of a trend. In recent months, companies have started mining cryptocurrency in hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear, and even volcanic power plants. The idea has proven so popular, in fact, that Canadian authorities are reportedly considering a $7.1 million fine for a company that secretly operated a Bitcoin-mining power plant in Alberta.

CBC reported that Link Global set up four 1.25 MW generators powered by “a dormant natural gas well” at one site in 2020 “without notifying neighbours, the county, or the Alberta Utilities Commission.” It then established two sites in other locations—only one of which complied with the AUC’s regulations. CBC said the first site operated without approval for 364 days; a site in Kirkwall operated for 426.

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