Custodian REIT 'robust continuous dividend payer' says Proactive Research Analyst Ed Stacey

Proactive Research analyst Ed Stacey talks to Katie Pilbeam about Custodian REIT which is a UK commercial Real Estate Investment Trust focused on smaller lot-sizes, managing a portfolio of 163 properties diversified across.

The company has delivered a positive return on its portfolio throughout the pandemic, as measured by NAV return. In Ed’s report he examines some of the factors which underpin Custodian’s robust performance, and which support increased levels of potential returns to shareholders in the coming years.

On 4 November, the company announced the closing of the acquisition of a UK listed REIT called Drum. This gives Custodian an additional 10 properties, primarily in the regional offices and retail warehouse segments.

The acquisition boosts Custodian’s distributable earnings per share for FY 2022 and 2023, and still maintains balance sheet gearing within the 25% target maximum.