Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine – Walhalla, Australia

The 1800s gold rush had a great effect on the state of Victoria and Australia as a whole. The ruins and corresponding riches of gold mining enterprises can be seen across the country. One such example is the town of Walhalla in rural Victoria. The town lies in a valley surrounded by mountains and can be reached by a winding road. The town itself is so well preserved and most of the original buildings from the gold mining era are still standing in some form or another.

The centerpiece of the town is the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine. After gold was discovered in this area, several mines were set up. These criss-cross one another underneath the town. The most successful operation was that of the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mining Company. During its time in operation, it produced 13.7 tons of gold.

Tours embark from the hill leading down into the mine. Visitors will be taken down the long tunnel, which leads to many shafts. There is a wide range of old mining equipment within the mine. The mine actually extends much further than the tour goes, but due to safety concerns, visitors are not allowed into the deeper sections. 

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