Max Resource Corp. Expands the URU Zone to 48-km2, CESAR North, NE Colombia

2021-10-07 01:02:39

Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – October 7, 2021) – MAX RESOURCE CORP. (TSXV: MXR) (OTC Pink: MXROF) (FSE: M1D2) (“Max” or the “Company”) is pleased to report new assay results expanding the URU zone from 12-km² to over 48-km², located along the CESAR North 80km-long belt, within the wholly-owned CESAR project in NE Colombia (refer to Figure 3).


– 14.8% copper and 132 g/t silver outcrop over 1.5m x 0.8m panel (876798)
– 6.5% copper and 6 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 1.0m chip channel (876931)
– 5.6% copper and 87 g/t silver outcrop over 1.0m by 1.0m panel (879972)
– 4.0% copper and 42 g/t silver outcrop over 1.0m by 1.0m panel (879975)
– 3.7% copper and 14 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 5.0m chip channel (876486)
– 2.9% copper and 7 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m representative (876460)
– 2.1% copper and 3 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m representative (876478)
– 2.0% copper and 20 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m representative (876922)

  • URU’s continuous copper-silver mineralization now spans over 48-km², extending along strike over 12-km and down dip over 4-km from the elevation of 1200m down to 410m, and is open along strike and down dip (refer Figure 1, 2 and 4).
  • Eighteen rock samples collected over widths ranging from 1.0 to 10.0m returned values in excess of 2.0% copper. Thirty-two returned values greater than 1.0% copper. Highlight values are 14.8 % copper and 132 g/t silver (refer to Table 1).

“The URU 48-km² zone remains open in all directions and potentially represents a zone of major proportions when compared to the world class Kupferschiefer and the Central African Belt deposits,” commented Max CEO, Brett Matich.

“In addition, MAX is conducting on-going exploration at the other four zones (CONEJO, SP, AMN, AMS, refer to Figure 3) within the CESAR North 80-kilometre-long-copper-silver belt of significant regional potential,” he continued.

“The world’s transition to clean energy can only be accomplished with copper to build power grids, solar and wind farms, electric vehicles which typically require upwards of 180 pound of copper per vehicle. Copper’s rapidly declining reserve base necessitates the need for new major discoveries of copper, positioning Max to take advantage of the copper shortfalls with the potential district size of the CESAR discoveries,” he concluded.

Junior Mining NetworkFigure 1. 14.8% copper + 132 g/t silver 1.5m x 0.8m (876798) Figure 2. 2.9% copper over 10.0m (876460)

Junior Mining NetworkFigure 3. CESAR project location

Junior Mining NetworkFigure 4. URU 48-km² zone and open in all directions

Visible mineralization reports the presence of chalcocite, native copper and copper oxides. Two types of mineral events have been observed. On type is hosted in a stockwork within igneous host rock and is associated with the presence of epidote and the second type is sediment-hosted stratiform copper silver mineralization of Kupferschiefer type. The stratiform type is cross cut by the mineralized stockwork associated with igneous rocks.

Copper Silver Width Sample #
14.8% 132 g/t 1.5m x 0.8m – Panel 876798
6.7% 68 g/t 0.3m – Chip Channel 876935
6.5% 6 g/t 1.0m – Chip Channel 876931
5.6% 87 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879972
5.4% 133 g/t 0.5m – Chip Channel 876755
4.2% 105 g/t 0.5m – Chip Channel 876757
4.0% 42 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879975
3.7% 14 g/t 5.0m – Chip Channel 876486
3.7% 1 g/t 0.3m – Chip Channel 878273
3.6% 36 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879974
3.6% 37 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879969
3.5% 8 g/t 0.7m – Chip Channel 870022
3.1% 7 g/t 3.0m – Chip Channel 876488
2.9% 7 g/t 10.0m – Representative 876460
2.6% 10 g/t 0.5m – Chip Channel 876605
2.6% 16 g/t 1.0m – Chip Channel 876572
2.6% 7 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 876472
2.5% 6 g/t 0.7m – Chip Channel 870008
2.5% 4 g/t 0.2m – Chip Channel 876907
2.4% 5 g/t 3.0m – Chip Channel 876491
2.4% 3 g/t 0.5m – Chip Channel 870017
2.1% 6 g/t 1.8m – Chip Channel 876575
2.1% 6 g/t 1.8m – Chip Channel 876574
2.1% 3 g/t 10.0m – Representative 876478
2.1% 12 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879967
2.1% 19 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879970
2.0% 9 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879968
2.0% 20 g/t 10.0m – Representative 876922
1.8% 18 g/t 10.0m – Representative 876930
1.8% 9 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 879973
1.6% 8 g/t 0.6m – Chip Channel 879959
1.6% 5 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 876477
1.6% 2 g/t 1.0m – Chip Channel 876611
1.6% 18 g/t 1.0m – Chip Channel 879954
1.6% 2 g/t 0.3m – Chip Channel 876901
1.5% 1 g/t 3.0m – Chip Channel 876487
1.5% 1 g/t 2.0m x 1.0m – Panel 876915
1.5% 14 g/t 1.3m – Chip Channel 879956
1.4% 1 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 876475
1.4% 18 g/t 0.5m – Chip Channel 879951
1.4% 3 g/t 10.0m – Representative 876481
1.3% 50 g/t 0.5m – Chip Channel 876752
1.3% 10 g/t 1.0m x 1.0m – Panel 876971
1.3% 5 g/t 2.0m x 2.0m – Panel 876622
1.3% 1 g/t 5.0m – Chip Channel 876482
1.2% 6 g/t 0.7m – Chip Channel 870025
1.2% 6 g/t 0.2m – Chip Channel 876469
1.1% 3 g/t 10.0m – Representative 876479

Table 1. Rock assay results that returned over 1.0% copper. Max cautions investors that panel and representative grab sampling can be selective and are not necessarily representative of the mineralization.

Max interprets the sediment-hosted stratabound copper-silver mineralization in the Cesar basin to be analogous to both the Central African Copper Belt (CACB) to the south and the Polish Kupferschiefer to the north. Almost 50% of the copper known to exist in sediment-hosted deposits is contained in the CACB, including Ivanhoe Mines Ltd (TSX: IVN) 95-billion-pound Kamoa-Kakula copper deposits in the Congo.

Kupferschiefer, the world’s largest silver producer and Europe’s largest copper source, is a mining orebody ranging from 0.5 to 5.5m thick at depths of 500m, grading 1.49% copper and 48.6 g/t silver. The silver yield is almost twice the production of the world’s second largest silver mine.

Source: Central African Belt Descriptive models, grade-tonnage relations, and databases for the assessment of sediment-hosted copper deposits with emphasis on deposits in the Central Africa Copperbelt, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia by USGS 2010. Kamoa-Kakula by OreWin March 2020. World Silver Survey 2020 and Kupferschiefer Deposits & Prospects in SW Poland, September 27, 2019. Max cautions investors that the presence of copper mineralization of the Central African Copper Belt and the Polish Kupferschiefer are not necessarily indicative of similar mineralization at CESAR.


All CESAR rock chip samples are shipped to ALS Lab’s sample preparation facility in Medellin, Columbia. Sample pulps are then sent to Lima, Peru, for analysis. All samples are analyzed using ALS procedure ME-MS41, a four-acid digestion with inductively coupled plasma finished. Over-limit copper and silver are determined by ALS procedure OG-62, a four-acid digestion with an atomic absorption spectroscopy finish. ALS Labs is independent from Max.

Max uses standard chip and channel sampling where possible, but also relies on composite grab sampling. Max considers composite grab samples to be representative but cautions investors that individual grab samples can be selective and may not be representative of continuous mineralization at CESAR.


The Company’s disclosure of a technical or scientific nature in this news release has been reviewed and approved by Tim Henneberry, P Geo (British Columbia), a member of the Max Resource Advisory Board, who serves as a qualified person under the definition of National Instrument 43:101.


CESAR lies along the copper-silver rich 200-kilometre-long Cesar Basin in northeastern Colombia. This region enjoys major infrastructure resulting from oil & gas and mining operations, including Cerrejon, the largest coal mine in Latin America, now held by global miner Glencore (refer to Figure 5).

Junior Mining NetworkFigure 5. CESAR Project location.

Due to the district-scale and copper-silver prospectivity of the Cesar Basin, Max has implemented a multi-faceted exploration program for 2021:

Advanced Drill Core Analysis and Modelling: ongoing interpretation of seismic sections and analysis of historical drill holes are all being integrated into our structural modelling of the Cesar Basin, in collaboration with Ingeniería Geológica Universidad Nacional de Colombia (“IGUN”) in Medellín (January 7, 2021 NR).

Geochemical and Mineralogical: research programs by the University of Science and Technology (“AGH”) of Krakow, Poland. AGH bring their extensive knowledge of KGHM’s world renowned Kupferschiefer sediment-hosted copper-silver deposits in Poland to the CESAR project.

Geophysical: Fathom Geophysics is interpreting seismic data, funded by the Company in collaboration with one of the world’s leading copper producers.

Proprietary Field Exploration & Techniques: Max’s in-country exploration teams continue to target new copper-silver stratabound mineralized zones.

CESAR North 80-kilometre-long-copper-silver zone:

  • In 2020, Max discovered both the copper-silver rich AMS (previously named AM South) zone and the AMN (previously named AM North) zone 40-km north, collectively spanning over 45-km². Highlight values of 0.5 to 34.4% copper and 5 to 305 g/t silver range over outcrop intervals ranging 0.1 to 25.0m;
  • In March 2021, Max’s announced the CONEJO discovery, now spanning 3.2-km by 1.6-km and open in all directions. CONEJO returned values greater than 5.0% copper from 23 rock panels varying from 5.0m by 5.0m to 1.0m by 1.0m. In addition, 66 rock panel samples returned values over 1.0% copper (March 24, 2021 NR):
    • 12.5% copper + 84 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 10.5% copper + 50 g/t silver over 3.0m by 2.0 m
    • 10.4% copper + 95 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 10.2% copper + 62 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 10.0% copper + 80 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 8.7% copper + 89 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 8.4% copper + 60 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 7.9% copper + 21 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 7.7% copper + 84 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
    • 7.4% copper + 47 g/t silver over 5.0m by 5.0m
  • The 2021 URU discovery is located 30-km south of CONEJO, now expanded to 48-km² and open in all directions. URU appears to have major-scale potential; Thirteen rock samples over widths ranging from 10 to 25.0m returned values of 2.0% copper and above, thirty-seven returned values greater than 1.0% copper, with highlight values of 5.7 % copper and 37 g/t silver:
    • 4.3% copper and 8 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m
    • 3.9% copper and 7 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m
    • 3.6% copper and 12 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m
    • 3.0% copper and 6 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m
    • 3.0% copper and 37 g/t silver outcrop over widths of 10.0m
  • By late April 2021, at CESAR North 80-km belt MAX had identified five copper discoveries URU, CONEJO, SP, AMN and AMS;
  • The new SP discovery target September 2021 spans over 1.6-kilometres and is open in all directions. The reconnaissance composite grab sampling over a 25.0m outcrop averaging 4.8% copper and 51 g/t silver is considered very significant, as it indicates the presence of a higher copper and silver grades within the 25.0m interval.
  • Exploration continues on the CONEJO and URU zones;
  • In addition, Max has initiated the process of mineral claim approvals and drill permitting;
  • CESAR West: Max has identified copper porphyry-style mineralization.


Max Resource Corp. is a copper and precious metals exploration company, engaged in advancing both the newly discovered district-scale CESAR copper-silver project (100% owned) in Colombia and the newly acquired RT Gold project (100% earn-in) in Peru. Both projects have potential for the discovery of large-scale mineral deposits; both stratabound-type copper-silver in Colombia and high-grade gold porphyry and massive sulfide in Peru.

Max Resource was awarded a Top 10 Ranked Company in the Mining Sector on the TSX Venture 50™ for 2021, achieving a market cap increase of 1,992% and a share price increase of 282% in 2020.

For more information visit: https://www.maxresource.com/
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TSX Venture 50™ for 2021 video: MAX Resource Corp. (TSXV: MXR) – 2021 TSX Venture 50 – YouTube

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