PlanetYX NFT Project Is About To Launch First NFT Collection On Cardano

2021-10-12 10:27:08

PlanetYX is an NFT project that is scheduled to launch on the Cardano Blockchain platform at the end of October 2021. The first collection will consist of over 10 thousand unique “DoberMotoman” characters. According to the company, in the next few months, every DoberMotoman will become a playable 3D character of a racing game with many utilities, such as motorcycles, clothes, weapons, and so on.

Right now, the PlanetYX team is focused on finishing the first collection and also adding new members on board. The development of the project is going according to the schedule. Last week, the company launched its website with all the important information about the project and the earn-to-play game, roadmap, and FAQ section. The Twitter account and Discord channel are up and running, and next week the team will start building the community to prepare for a successful presale at the end of the month. There are few giveaways planned and the details will be shared on the Discord channel and Twitter. The team has already started working with a 3D artist on creating the first 3D DoberMotoman.

PlanetYX DoberMotoMan NFT Project

The PlanetYX team is currently looking for developers, artists, and people who are willing to spread the word about the project. Any help will be appreciated and rewarded. It is a big project and a lot of resources are required. “We are here to create a long-term project with the community in mind, and we want the best people on our team who are committed to creating high-quality art. We are already working with great artists from all around the globe, and the results are amazing. The characters turned out exactly as we imagined, and I’m really grateful for each person on our team who is making this dream a reality. PlanetYX is a project by people for people, and we are determined to make it great,” said the curator of the project, Vitaliy Lano.

The holders of the first DoberMotoman collection will have the voting rights on all future collections and will be offered many perks, such as Yield Farming. The holders of 3+ DoberMotomans will receive an NFT airdrop for free from all upcoming collections which will be very important for the game and the whole project. The community will play a crucial role in the development of the project: the gamification will be discussed with the members first and then taken to the voting section of the discord channel.

According to the PlanetYX Roadmap, future collections will be released 45-60 days apart, and the racing game will be delivered in parts. This will allow developers to first test some of the features with the existing community.

NFT is a new market, and it is growing rapidly along with the technology behind it. The success of Axie Infinity Games and the gamification The CyberKongz showed just how much potential and demand NFT has. The PlanetYX game is going to be the first play-to-earn racing game on the Cardano Blockchain platform. The developers are excited to share the project with the community.

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