THE Ministry of Minerals has built three refinery centres as a part of the Tanzania’s strategy to get rid of mercury in the extraction of gold.

The centres are located at Itumbi (Chunya), Lwamgasa (Geita) and Katente (Bukombe) areas with most populated small-scale miners.

Addressing the Parliamentarians on Tuesday, the Deputy Minister of Minerals, Prof Shukuru Manya said the mineral refining technology used in the centers is Carbon -In -Pulp (CIP) as an alternative to the Mercury Chemical.

Prof Manya said this when he was responding to Special Seat MP Kabula Shitobela who tasked government to explain its strategy aimed at protecting small scale artisans specially women whose health is at risk.

The Minister stated that the Mining Commission, the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST), the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) and the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) will be involved in providing education to artisans over uses of over mercury.


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