The Next Major Blockchain Disruption is in Mining

2021-11-23 09:02:19

Blockchain is taking over the finance world and disrupting everything from art to sports, gaming, and even virtual real estate.

Blockchain technologies aren’t just a hyped-up fad either, the biggest industries in the world are about to use blockchain to change the way they invest, operate, and stay compliant. 

The global mining industry is at a critical crossroads now and needs to find sustainable ways of doing business. 

That means getting compliant with the ESG (environmental, social, and governmental) requirements of multiple jurisdictions around the world.

But how can they possibly do that when many of the biggest companies operate in multiple continents, across multiple time zones, and require massive amounts of data processing to get it all done?

Up to now, there hasn’t been a digital solution to fix all of this and centralize these processes. 

We found an under-the-radar company called MineHub Technologies Inc. (TSXV:MHUB) (OTC:MHUBF) that uses blockchain technology to create a never-before-seen enterprise platform for mining companies, and it’s amazing. 

A truly new technology rarely comes around, but when it does, investors always seem to make a lot of money. 

Like when Google introduced the first powerful search engine, or Apple introduced the first smartphone that finally worked.

And we think MineHub Technologies is primed to follow that same growth trajectory.

Learn more about this blockchain mining tech company by clicking here.

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