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2022-08-29 07:36:50

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 29, 2022 / Vox Royalty Corp. (“Vox“) (TSXV:VOX)(OTCQX:VOXCF) systematically uncovers “under the radar” third-party royalties over top-tier mining projects and boasts a growing portfolio of over 50 royalty assets primarily located in Australia, Canada and the USA. Vox recently added three new royalties operated by large-cap operators to its portfolio: a producing royalty over the Wonmunna iron ore mine in Western Australia and two platinum group metals royalties over the Limpopo project in South Africa. In acquiring these royalties, Vox acquired i) significant, immediate, incremental revenue at Wonmunna, which is expected to generate substantial value for Vox shareholders for years to come, and ii) exposure to a multi-million-ounce generational platinum group metals orebody that is actively being reviewed for a near-term mine restart by Sibanye Stillwater.

Investors have few options to look for when seeking investments that are positively correlated with inflation but insulated from some of the input cost risks associated with inflation. Vox is the type of company that was built to offer investors leveraged upside to rising commodity prices without being exposed to the operational risks or rising operating costs of mining companies. Vox has formed a global portfolio of over 50 mining royalties, typically entitling Vox to a percentage of the revenue generated by a specific mine. This is important because Vox gets exposure to rising commodity prices, new mineral discoveries, increases in mineable reserves, and increases in mineral production, without being responsible for any of the capital or operating costs for the mine. Vox essentially operates a scalable ‘capital light’ business, in one of the most capital-intensive industries, shielded from operating cost obligations.

Vox Recently Acquired a Producing Royalty over the Wonmunna Iron Ore Mine in Western Australia

Kyle Floyd, the Founder and CEO of Vox states, “The mining royalty market is often overlooked in the world of commodity-linked equities but can be a possible solution to inflation-linked investment worries. Over the last twenty years, major royalty companies have typically performed better than equity market indices, traditional mining companies, physical metals, and the S&P 500. This is why we created Vox: to be the ‘go-to company’ for investors in times of high inflation.”

With the recent acquisition of the producing Wonmunna iron ore royalty, Vox now has exposure to a substantial iron ore resource, that is located in the world’s largest iron ore production region. The royalty currently entitles Vox to 1.5% of revenue from the producing mine, operated by the ASX-listed, AUD $11 billion mining company, Mineral Resources Ltd.

Vox gets the benefit of meaningful expected cash flow generated from the production of iron ore at Wonmunna without being exposed to the operating costs to produce the valuable ore. Vox will also benefit from expected increases in production, future new discoveries, and any potential increases in iron ore prices.

Vox Recently Added the Limpopo Royalties to Its Portfolio

Following its April 2022 acquisition of the Limpopo platinum-group metals royalties, Vox now holds one of the largest royalty company exposures (by resource size) to green technology critical metals, including rhodium, copper and nickel, that will be needed for the next generation of energy markets, such as hydrogen fuel cells.

“The intensity of platinum and palladium in hydrogen fuel cells is significantly more than in current internal combustion engines. With much of the production of platinum and palladium coming from Russia, these critical metals have potential to see a positive upward cycle, which would make this Limpopo royalty even more valuable,” says Mr. Floyd. “Investors in Vox have exposure to one of the largest platinum, palladium, and gold deposits in the world without being exposed to any of the costs to bring the mine back into production. This exposure to critical metals without any direct operating or capital cost exposure is one of the key benefits of owning a royalty company such as Vox.”

Vox Announced Record Q2 2022 Royalty Receipts

In Vox’s most recently completed quarter ended June 30, 2022, it announced record royalty receipts of US$3,165,030, an increase of 115% over Q1 2022, and record gross profit of US$1,444,878.

Mr. Floyd states, “We are excited about the next chapter of the company’s corporate development – a period of expanded investor awareness and rapid expected organic growth from 6 to 10 producing assets by late 2023. During these uncertain inflationary and macroeconomic times, Vox continues to deliver sector leading returns on deployed capital through its differentiated and disciplined royalty strategy and presents a strong outlet for investors to counter many inflationary pressures.”

Numerous Organic Growth Catalysts Anticipated in the Second half of 2022

Looking forward, Vox has many expected milestones on the horizon in the second half of 2022 from multiple operations in Western Australia, including: i) expanded production from the Janet Ivy gold mine in Australia, ii) first ore production from the Otto Bore gold mine in Australia, iii) potential toll-treatment of its Bulong gold royalty; and iv) additional significant operator updates from Vox’s 40+ operating partners.

Spencer Cole, Chief Investment Officer states, “Following well-timed royalty investments made over the past few years, Vox is expected to more than double its fiscal year 2021 revenue to CAD $10,000,000 – CAD $12,000,000 in 2022, and market analysts expect further revenue growth in 2023 and beyond. The combination of rising commodity prices driven by inflation and existing royalty investments commencing first production over coming quarters has put Vox in a very strong position. Now is an ideal time for new investors to have a look at Vox.”

About Vox

Vox is a returns focused precious metals royalty company with a portfolio of over 50 royalties and streams spanning eight jurisdictions. The Company was established in 2014 and has since built unique intellectual property, a technically focused transactional team and a global sourcing network which has allowed Vox to target the highest risk-adjusted returns in the mining royalty sector. Since the beginning of 2020, Vox has announced over 20 separate transactions to acquire over 50 royalties.

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